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Terms of Service

By giving out your affiliate link, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Our reputation is very important to us. When marketing our business we ask that you are not spammy or disrespectful in the frequency you are telling people about our products.

We reserve the right to terminate affiliate accounts effective immediately who we believe are acting in a spammy way.

Brand Guidelines

When sharing or advertising the Little Kiwis Nature Play Courses, or Products, you must write the names of them exactly as we do. This is important for our brand.

Please only use images provided by Little Kiwis Nature Play. If you would like to create additional artwork for your site, this must be approved by Little Kiwis Nature Play before use.

Affiliate Commission FAQs

 This is a first-referral affiliate program. This means that whoever referred the lead with their link first will receive the commission.

Affiliate links are valid for 365 days. After this time, if your lead has not purchased, it is recommended that you get them to purchase through your affiliate link again so that your commission is captured.

Affiliate commission is paid out at the rate of 30% for Gold Affiliates and 40% for Premium Affiliates unless otherwise specified for a particular product.

Affiliate commission will be paid out in the first week of every month, following the expiry of any refund period.

You must not bribe or pay people to use your affiliate link. You may offer a bonus, but this must not exceed the value of your affiliate commission.

If you are advertising the link in a blog post, please use the etiquette of letting people know you may earn a small commission if they use your link to purchase.

Any questions.

At any time, if you have any enquiries about your affiliate account, please email Celia at